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Now offering full service digital marketing and virtual assistant services.

We are glad you’re here to learn how Tech & Task Creative can find creative design solutions for your business needs. If you are looking for an ally in promoting your business while showcasing your unique brandWe have got you covered.

We specialize in website design, social media marketing/management and SEO for small businesses and entrepreneurs. If your business to do list is getting out of control, you need to grow your business, or just need to be location independent we can help.

Our goal is to help new entrepreneurs get their business started and give seasoned business owners the tools they need to grow. 

Services We Offer

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Are you too busy?


Maximize your time and talents for running your business the way you want to. You focus on your clients' needs and growth. Let me take on some of the tedious tasks that are taking too much of your valuable time.


Boost your online presence.

Social Media​​

We'll design a Social Marketing strategy that not only speaks your message, but  also reaches your target audience. Our mission is to help you take charge of your social media with a targeted plan. You'll get account growth, increased engagement and more website traffic.


Help your business thrive!

Web Design​

Run your business from anywhere with a custom Website designed and built by T&TC.

I will create a responsive, user friendly website that converts, highlights your brand, and helps your business grow. 

Plus, your website will look beautiful on any device—it's 2021 and everyone is on their phone—your business should be too.

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Creative Copy Converts.


The words you're using on your website and in your content on social media do matter!

Every business needs amazing copy that tells its story, sells its brand and works hard to turn leads into sales and generate more revenue. The fact is bad copy can cost you money—and no one wants that!

Hey There! i'm Shauna

Founder at Tech & Task Creative, and more than just a virtual assistant. I specialize in freelance website design, social media marketing, copywriting and more! I am dedicated to helping new business owners and entrepreneurs wherever they are on their business journey. 

Essentially, I’m obsessed with helping entrepreneurs get their businesses online and with providing them with those “why didn’t I think of that?” strategies that will get their businesses the exposure needed to grow.

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